Creating mobile apps can be really challenging. But that is how the world goes by today. Most of the businesses are going beyond websites by having mobile apps to better reach their customers. This is where we come in. Simplifying the process of mobile application development and making an experience out of the app rather than just launching is what we do best. Regardless of the mobile platform, Protag creates apps that are proficient, brilliantly designed and equipped with cutting-edge technology.




The apps that we create are attractive and spectacularly designed. We incorporate the latest contemporary designs that are both beautiful and up-to-date.


An experience of our app includes sharp, vivid image quality of the Retina display. Once you have experienced that, you are not going to like anything but our apps.


Contemporary design packed with cutting-edge technology, Branex create apps that deliver top-notch performance at all times.


We build mobile applications that works across various platforms including iOS, Android and Blackberry. This allows everyone to enjoy the cool apps that we create.


We create an advanced framework for each of the apps that comes packed with robust features and a grid that is particularly designed for making the app flexible.


Minimal is the new sleek and stylish. Therefore, all our apps have only as much as the human brain can take at a time with an aesthetically attractive design to compliment it.